PaperLove Countdown #4


Graph paper has such potential don’t you think? Dotted lines and upward curves indicate a certain measure of success.

The ordered square-dom gives an illusion of order and control.

Chart your progress and development during the five weeks of PaperLove.


These square graph rubber stamps are from Present and Correct. The spoons are for ice cream and the neon arrows are to show where you are going….

Tomorrow is Friday, and then it’ll be the weekend and then we’ll be there: PaperLove November 3rd. Hurray.


PaperLove Countdown #5



Many of you are getting ready for PaperLove: Clearing a space to work….gathering kit together….finding that ruler….just like going back to school.

Oooh it’s a good feeling, being all set to go: Sharp pencils. A rainbow of felt-tips.  A new rubber (eraser!) Everything poised for creation.


My stalwart tool carrier is a French leather zip up. Apart from the writing implements, it also contains scissors, a ruler, woven labels, needles (some with thread attached,) occasional sequins, and a small glass heart from Murano.

I’ve had a peek in the classroom and it looks beautiful. Tomorrow, everyone who has registered will receive their entry password. I am beyond ecstatic. There’s a limit to how many times everything on this desk can be re-aligned.

How about you? What are you doing in preparation for PaperLove?

PaperLove Countdown #6


countdownpostcardsIsn’t it wonderful how a singular rectangle with a stamp on has the ability to bring such cheer?

Sepia-tinted collections evoking exotic adventures and elegant fashions may lead to nostalgia but I love making new postcards too.


Five weeks of PaperLove will remind you how post matters.

When did you last put some love in the mail?

PaperLove Countdown #7



Oh my. This time next week we’ll be doing it: getting stuck in to all things paper for five whole weeks.

Apart from the bone folder this knife gets most points for dead-good-usefulness. Faced with a pile of paper to cut down in to book-sized pages it is invaluable. The resulting edges are softer. This knife is your handy friend.

myknifeMy one is worn and slightly blunt, which is exactly how I like it.

If you don’t have one, then experiment with any flat-bladed kitchen knife. Take care of your fingers!

How many tools do you have to hand? Are you ready for PaperLove?

See you back here later for the PaperLove Blog Hop. Yay!

PaperLove Countdown #8


Ok so it’s not always comfortable to be pigeon-holed but i’m happy to be labelled as a stationery addict. PaperLove is for those people who feel the same. Do you love labels and paper tickets of all kinds? Does finding a scuffed and worn luggage tag make your day? Simple pleasures eh?

labelsonmapLabels are included in the special limited edition PaperLove kit. The perfect finishing touch for a personal parcel…or book project….or collage…

All around the world, paperlovers are gathering their materials together: PaperLove the e-course starts November 3rd.