PaperLove Countdown #10



The perfect notebook which fits in your pocket or bag or by your bed is a precious thing. You can never have too many of them, don’t you think?

Week Four of PaperLove is devoted to the BOOK but rest assured, we’ll make some sooner than that…


Here is a pile of made, used and loved notebooks whose pages have softened and corners have worn. They live with me, containing memories, lists and ideas. What do you write down? What do you write in?

It is ten days until the first all-paper e-course starts. Five weeks of PaperLove for £159. That’s £4.50 a day. For a LOT of things to make and give. Jot down all the reasons you need to do it. Hell yeah.



PaperLove Countdown #11


ScissorsCountdownSnip snip… carefully cutting out shapes, following the dotted lines, taking time with sharp angles….

This rusty pair was  found at a Paris flea market. They cut smooth. They tell me of past times.

Do you have scissors passed down through generations? And scissors only for sewing? What scissor collections we could show!


Seek out your best blades and get ready to create: Plenty of scissor-action in PaperLove!

PaperLove Countdown #12



After washi tape (ahem) the next object of desire I can rarely resist is the rubber stamp.

Rubber stamps are the greatest way to get printing without loads of paraphernalia. And of course any lover of repetition is going to get an instant high.

The process of inking up and stamping down…ink…bang…ink….bang…ink….bang. So satisfying!


I have many favourites: Present and Correct (where the covetable geometric set shown above came from) + Yellow Owl Workshop are my tops. What about you?

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Whilst rubber stamps are in no way compulsory to the enjoyment of PaperLove they can only enhance the whole experience….

What’s your stamp of choice?

PaperLove Countdown #13


There’s not much kit a paperlover really needs, however a bonefolder really makes life smoother.

bookandboneThis bone has travelled far and I would not be without it’s curved, comfortable reliability. The more it is used the silkier it gets.

bonefoldercountdownWho would not want to fold the crispest crease? To score a sensuous line? To tweak a perfect corner?

The Special Course Kit includes one of these five inch pointed beauties.

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The world’s first all-paper e-course starts November 3rd, oh yes it does. See you there…

PaperLove Countdown #14


Two weeks today, the e-course of my dreams starts. Five weeks of PaperLove delivered to your in-box.

This does not mean hours in the digital world. It does mean rediscovering your joy of stationery.


What would we do without tape? Functional, practical…sealing up our envelopes, packaging our parcels…but also providing the supreme opportunity for embellishing treasure.

One of the absolute pleasures of my business life was receiving the first order of limited edition sticky tape made up to my own design. (A roll of the red stuff is included in the kit – did you get one?)


Are you a vinyl or a washi tape person?

Curious about the course? Look at the Frequently Asked Questions section and watch the trailer!