Rachel Hazell/Paperphilia: 2014 Review

Hello Paperphiles! As a year draws to a close, I habitually assess what has gone before and what lies ahead. Do you? There is always so much that is under-appreciated, obliterated by the never-ending To Do list. We have done so much. Here is 2014 as lived by The Travelling Bookbinder:


Sunrise over Stockbridge; the view from my writing room


Writing, editing, tweaking the PaperLove e-course


Photographing sequences


Teaching a sell-out workshop at the enjoyable and stimulating Fruitmarket‘s Bookmarket



Filming for the e-course in Edinburgh with the Do What You Love family team, before heading to Iona for a serene driftwood binding retreat



The annual Shetland Lighthouse Workshop was a joy, with superlative cake



With aching shoulders, chronic fatigue and no diagnosis, R+R on Iona, playing with ink and paper, was just what the doctor ordered



The extreme pleasure of seeing PaperLove unfolding around the world, stitching together enduring friendships and sparking all sorts of discoveries has been the highlight of 2014



To Sweden for Hardcore Bookbinding at Leksand Academy, under the expert tutelage of Cristine Balbiano D’Aramengo. I learnt SO much



Home in time for the uber-stimulating Edinburgh International Book Festival and an anniversary window installation for Moleta Munro



An intense day of exploratory bookart at the wonderful Bishop Road Primary School (seriously booktastic) followed by a weekend of mapping and binding hosted by the inimitable Yellow Lighted Bookshop



Ah Venice. I love making books with you. Personal Geographies. A triumph of cicchetti, gelati and Bellini. With impressive results



The second round of PaperLove, with Christmas Bonus Posts. Full on folding, binding, collage and posting. Already developing the course for Spring 2015 yay



Paris for love and paper. Research and development for next November’s course. Inbound case heavily laden with washi tape and other fundamental acquisitions. A long list of plans

WISHING YOU a fabulous Hogmanay, and hoping that the New Year brings all the creativity you desire. See you on the flipside for more making, writing, folding and binding, Rachel

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Personal Geographies: Venice 2014


The Travelling Bookbinder's Extraordinary Sketchbook Journal

The Travelling Bookbinder’s Extraordinary Sketchbook Journal

It has become something of a regular fixture in the diary to cram my suitcase with maps, paper, ribbon, grey board, glue, washi tape, fly to Marco Polo, whiz by water bus to the Grand Canal and set up a studio high above the city. Here are some snapshots of Personal Geographies 2014:

This is the view from the bookbinding palazzo

This is the view from the bookbinding palazzo

Bookbinding tools and materials

Bookbinding tools and materials

Folded patterned book shadows

Folded patterned book shadows

Experimenting with map-fold inserts

Experimenting with map-fold inserts

...and paper voyages of certainty..

…and paper voyages of certainty..

Describing the inevitable

Describing the inevitable

Sewing sections in to the concertina spine

Sewing sections in to the concertina spine

There were maps in unexpected places

There were maps in unexpected places

...and in ancient tomes.

…and in ancient tomes.

Exploring the topographical delights at the Correr library's Special Collection

Exploring the topographical delights at the Correr library’s Special Collection

Full of wondrous detail

Full of wondrous detail

After such stimulus we needed a Bellini...or two

After such stimulus we needed a Bellini…or two

The best (boat) bookshop in Venice!

The best (boat) bookshop in Venice!

Work in progress

Work in progress


Pausing in our charting for gelati

It's all coming together

It’s all coming together!

Triumphantly complete!

Triumphantly complete!

Library selfie/shelfie

Library selfie/shelfie of the Travelling Bookbinder

Thank you to this year’s adventurers, to Antonio Scarponi, to Monica Viero, to Iona Man for the birthday boat trip to Torcello.

Rachel Hazell will be guiding Personal Geographers through Venetian pages again in October 2015. The price, for this non-residential workshop, is £800. Sign up for the newsletter to be first in line when registration opens.

PaperLove Countdown #1



Telling your story through paper is what this course is all about: Using words, collage, print, stamps.

Inky lines of text can be created with so many kinds of pen. What do you have in your pencil case?

Dilly dally no longer: Sign up for five weeks of PaperLove now.

A warm excited welcome awaits…


PaperLove Countdown #2



Don’t you just love parcels? Wrapping up presents is the best.

Choosing the paper, selecting which washi tape, working out the angles of fold, making satisfying corners, sealing up, adding ribbons or string…..oh to be a professional parcel wrapper. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?!


As we’ve already established, there’s never quite enough special tape in this house…particularly evident on discovering that Rob Ryan has added a delectable set of three small ones to his collection. Sigh.

But brown paper is pretty cheap, and rubber stamps are perfect for creating personalised sheets.

So who’s birthday is coming up? Could they do with some PaperLove?

*Starts Monday 3rd November 2014* and will include bonus Christmas posts. Yay