PaperLove Countdown #2



Don’t you just love parcels? Wrapping up presents is the best.

Choosing the paper, selecting which washi tape, working out the angles of fold, making satisfying corners, sealing up, adding ribbons or string…..oh to be a professional parcel wrapper. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?!


As we’ve already established, there’s never quite enough special tape in this house…particularly evident on discovering that Rob Ryan has added a delectable set of three small ones to his collection. Sigh.

But brown paper is pretty cheap, and rubber stamps are perfect for creating personalised sheets.

So who’s birthday is coming up? Could they do with some PaperLove?


PaperLove Countdown #3

THREE Days Until PaperLove!

Now that the classroom is open and eager students are having a look round and shyly smiling… the prospect of five wonderful weeks together is becoming real. I’m clapping my hands in anticipation…



Obviously book paper must be fit for purpose, with a smooth or textured surface, and able to hold a crease.

I love the texture of book paper; its snap and crispness.


What is this book for? Writing? Drawing? Lists? Meanderings? Hmm let’s use Stockwell Cartridge from John Purcell Paper

Smoothing out, choosing what size, folding, cutting, collating before the binding starts.

You have this weekend to decide about joining us for making and writing. Jot down the pros and cons and know that you’ll be welcome.

Happy Friday!




PaperLove Countdown #4



Graph paper has such potential don’t you think? Dotted lines and upward curves indicate a certain measure of success.

The ordered square-dom gives an illusion of order and control.

Chart your progress and development during the five weeks of PaperLove.


These square graph rubber stamps are from Present and Correct. The spoons are for ice cream and the neon arrows are to show where you are going….

Tomorrow is Friday, and then it’ll be the weekend and then we’ll be there: PaperLove June 2nd. Hurray.