Making the Most of Craft Fairs

Once you have become involved in crafts, it may not be long before you want to take this to the next level. It won’t be long before you have many finished products as a result of your completed projects. The question soon arises as to what do you do with them. At first you may want to keep them for yourself, and then move on to giving them as gifts to family and friends. Following this, you may want to consider marketing them at craft fairs and turn your craft hobby into some form of business.


Being a participant at craft fairs can be fun, but it also generates a lot of responsibility. You need a good number of goods to either sell at the fair, or at the very least, put them on display and take orders.


You want to be sure that you present your crafts well at the fair, as there will be other competitors, even if their crafted items are not the same.


If you are going to take orders, do not over-extend yourself. Make sure that any commitment that you are making to a potential client is one that you can honour.