Why Wallpaper Craft Beats Paint

When it comes to finishing walls, there are several materials to choose from, including paint, stone, glass, or even mirrors. More recently, wallpaper craft has started to gain popularity over paint, the other popular wall finish material. The main advantage of wallpapers is that they add warmth, depth, and style to any room.

But are wallpapers worth it or would you rather paint your walls? In this article, we explore the pros and cons of wallpapers.

The Cheaper Way to Decorate Walls

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate walls, wallpapers will come in handy. They are available in a variety of designs and colours, so whether you want a red-brick background or a sky blue wall, wallpaper companies such as Familywalls.co.uk have got you covered. You can imagine the cost a painter would ask for to draw the same brilliant red-brick background or to paint the wall with luminous colours. Above all, wallpapers can be pasted on all surfaces, including concrete, brick, mud brick, prefabricated panels, and plaster, etc.

Not as Time-Consuming

Besides the affordability, finishing your walls with wallpaper is much faster. If it’s a business premise, you are guaranteed to start operations on schedule. At the same time, for residential houses, you can move in within the same day. It’s not such a demanding task to fit the wallpaper, and with the right company, a mid-sized apartment should be ready in a day. No more waiting for the paint to dry or the fumes to subside.

Wallpapers Last Longer

As long as you go for the right quality, wallpapers have a relatively longer lifespan before they start tattering. On average, they will hold up for 15 to 20 years before they start showing signs of wear and fading. This is quite impressive compared to paint which starts fading from seven years and requires repainting after around 10 years. Please note, the durability of wallpapers depends on the maintenance. Don’t wash them; just a simple wet wipe is enough.

The Ugly Side

While wallpapers have several advantages, there are also some shortcomings.

First, it’s tough to find high-quality wallpaper. The market is flooded with fake imitations, from right, left and centre. Another shortcoming; wallpaper is fragile and can get damaged, especially in households with pets and kids. Moreso, repairing the paper in patches leaves you with a not so good looking wall. Lastly, wallpapers are also not ideal for environments that get humid as the glue tends to detach very fast.

Indeed, wallpapers are an affordable way to finish walls compared to paint. Above all, they are easily customisable and offer that high-end, sophisticated look that sets the mood. But to make sure you get it right, it starts with hiring the right wallpaper craft company. It’s only this way that you are guaranteed value for your money.