Planning a crafts show

Craft shows are events where people who have created crafts come together to showcase their work. They go a long way in providing a platform for crafters to socialize and network. They can also be used to sell different craft items. Here is a guide on how to plan a craft show.


Put a lot of effort into advertising and telling people about the event. Make use of social media platforms and explore groups that have been set up specifically for people who love crafts. Create posters and ask your friends to share as widely as possible. In short, do all you can to put the word out there. Start your planning early so that you give people who are interested in attending enough time to put their things in order.

Select the right venue

The location where the crafts show will happen matters a lot in the overall success of the event. Choose a venue with enough space for the vendors to spread out their work without feeling cramped. You should also consider things like lighting, and how they will affect the items that will be showcased on the show. Most crafts look best under natural lighting.

Choose a variety of vendors

Make sure that there is diversity in the group of vendors you have chosen for the crafts show. People love to see different kinds of craft and a wide variety of crafters from different backgrounds. That is why you should be keen and deliberate in making sure there is a good representation not just in the craft being showcased, but also in the crafters who are putting their craft on show.

The trick is to partner with as many interested people as possible. Teamwork always gives great results. If you are thinking of a crafts show, get started today and share with others who you think might be interested.