Body Positivity for Craft Enthusiasts

Crafts can be a fun way of expressing ourselves and our internal emotions. Many turn to craft based hobbies for escapism and to unleash some of that creativity bubbling up inside. However, while crafts can be a good way of expressing ourselves, body positivity and our general well-being are also essential to maintain, and crafts can even help us to do just that. Continue reading for some advice on preserving body positivity and confidence when you’re a craft enthusiast.

Creative Expression

For some people, it’s through their creativity that they gain strength and some additional confidence and positivity surrounding their body. With craft, we’re able to express our emotions relating to our bodies, and we can draw attention to the things we like most while also addressing our more negative feelings. Fans of crafty hobbies could consider making representations of their body through creative forms such as collage.

Creating a collage can be an exciting way of taking different images, colours and textures to create something that’s beautiful. We’re all made up of different parts, so collages can be a good way of representing the different things that go into each and every person. Consider making a sketch or taking a photo of your body and using collage techniques to add different patterns, colours and textures. It could help you to see your body in a whole new way and help with realising the beauty that your body holds. Being positive about our bodies in this way can be good for our mental health and confidence when it comes to interacting with others, so maintaining that positive energy can be very important.


Even those with high levels of positivity surrounding their body aren’t immune to the negative thoughts that make us dislike ourselves. Most people have something they’d like to change about themselves. With the rise in cosmetic surgery and the increasing variety of options that can suit all budgets, people all around the world are now finding the empowerment to make some of the changes they’ve always wanted, allowing them to unlock even greater positivity and confidence when looking in the mirror.

Safe and effective breast augmentation implants from Motiva are allowing women across the globe to feel more confident about their breasts. Whatever the reason one holds for wishing to alter their body through cosmetic surgery, it’s becoming increasingly safe and familiar. People who enjoy craft, like everyone, can still encounter a lack of confidence, and augmentation surgery can be something that increases mental well-being through improving confidence while also empowering them. For people who enjoy using crafts to express themselves and enjoy entering competitions or artwork showcases, breast augmentation can bring the necessary confidence to go out and face people and to impress them with your self-confidence. Having confidence in yourself and your own body can have a positive impact on your artwork and how you represent your crafts to other people.